About the project

The purpose of the Documentaries project is to create historical documentary films about our region.

Since 2009 as part of the project the following documentaries have been made: Golden September: The Galician Chronicles 1939-1941, Silver Lands: The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine.  In October 2014 the third film The Ukrainian Insurgent Army: Chronicles 1942-1954 was presented.

The film creators aim to make learning Ukrainian history interesting and exciting, without overloading the viewer with facts but enabling them to feel history through witnesses. Accordingly, the films are based on living history – the memoirs of witnesses and artistic film adaptation.

In addition to making films, the Ukrainian Galician Assembly organizes films screenings for different audiences – students, schoolchildren, and communities of Galicia.

On this site you can view films in high resolution. Also you can organize screenings in your community with the participation of the film creators. To invite the team of the Ukrainian Galician Assembly to your community, contact: uhalviv@gmail.com.

The Documentaries project is supported by the Ukrainian Galician Assembly.