Teodor Furta was born on March 14th, 1910 in Velykyi Doroshiv village in Lviv district (now – Zhovkva district, Lviv region) in the peasants’ family of Stepan and Anastasiya (maiden name Martyn) Furta. There were nine children in the family and Teodor, who was the youngest one, often got sick in his childhood years. From 1916 he was studying in a village school and later finished a technical college of light industry. In 1931 he served in the Polish army (Lodz city, Poland). After three months of serving he was down with scarlet fever and came back home. He worked as a salesperson at the cooperative. In one year he was taken to the army in Chenstohova (Poland). When Nazi Germany attacked Poland in 1939 he was directed to the active duty army of Poland. After Poland’s defeat he ended up at the prison camp №4 near Lamsdorf city where he worked at the public facilities. Later he was moved to Ruland (Brandenburg) city where he started working at the shoe company. In 1942 he returned to Lviv and worked as a salesperson at the shop owned by his brother. Later he began working as a German translator. After coming back to Ukraine Teodor got married and continues to live in Lviv.

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