Dariya Poliuha was born on March 4th, 1926 in Yavoriv city, Lviv Voyevodstvo (now – Lviv region). She completed 6 years of “Ridna shkola” school. In 1938-1939 she studied at the Yavoriv gymnasium based on the monastery of Basilian sisters, and later at the teacher’s seminary. In 1942 she became a Youth of OUN member. In 1944 she obtained training in nursing that was conducted by Doctor Yuriy Lypa. In 1945 she entered Lviv Medical Institute upon the recommendation of OUN All-Ukrainian headship. Dariya worked for Red Cross (Ukrainian Red Cross) and helped “sotnia” (structural unit of Ukrainian insurgent army) “Pereyaslav”. On October 4th of her 4th year of schooling she was arrested. She was sent to the “Na Lontskogo” prison in Lviv (October 7-8). According to the resolution of Special meeting commission of the USSR Ministry of State security, based on the enactment 54Criminal Code of the USSR she was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. She served her sentence at the Inta camps (Komi ASSR). Dariya was released in 1956. She was not allowed to return to Western Ukraine. From 1961 she lived in Tsiuriupynsk, Kherson region and now lives in Lviv.

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