Mykola Parashchanets was born on August 24, 1921 in Bushtyno village, Tiachiv region in the peasant family of Mariya and Ivan Parashchanets. When he was 7, Mykola started attending a local primary school. He helped his father around the household as his family had 1 hectare of field and small cattle of oxen, horses, cows and sheep. He participated in trainings of Bushtyn division of Carpathian Sich organized by Ivan Rushchak and Dmytro Masniuk. Mykola remembers when in January in 1939 on the celebration of Reunion he and his friends attended the ceremonial meeting. During the attack of Hungarian army on Carpathian Ukraine on March 15th 1939 he was in the division of Bushtyn Sich members in Khust. However, due to the lack of weapons his division didn’t participate at the hostilities. Mykola came home to Bushtyno where he witnessed occupation of his homeland by Magyar army. Mykola’s brother Ivan escaped in autumn of 1939 to Galicia which was already occupied by the Soviet Union. While crossing the border he was arrested by the NKVD and sent to the forced labor in Gulag camps. During the Hungarian occupation there was a time when Mykola and his friends changed the Hungarian flag to Ukrainian at the village’s governmental institution and rose against the Hungarian government. In 1942 he was mobilized to the Hungarian Army. In 1944 a subdivision in which Mykola was serving was captivated on the territory of Austria. All Transcarpathian Ukrainians soon were released and on August 28,  1945 Mykola came back to Bushtyno. In the after war period he worked at the collective farm. Today he lives in Bushtyno.