Vasyl Belei was born on March 1st 1922 in Velykyi Bychkiv, Pidkarpatska Rus that used to be a part of Czechoslovakia. On September 30th 1933 he became a member of Plast and on May 12th 1934 he took his first scout test on the bank of Tysa river. He took the Plast oath on May 12th 1935 in Tiachiv. He and his brother Mykhailo were in the Mykhailo Dragomanov troop. He participated in trips and Plast training camps at Kobyletska Poliana in 1934-1938. While studying at State wood processing schoolin 1939 in Yasinia town he actively participated in the events of establishing the Ukrainian independence in Carpathian Ukraine.  In 1944 he was forced to join 2nd Hungarian Army where after being injured he became a prisoner of war in the Red Army. During his imprisonment Vasyl was at the hospital for prisoners of war in Vinnytsia. At the beginning of 1945 he returned home. Since that time he had lived in Bychkiv. During the times of Ukrainian Independence he was a social activist, executed cultural and educational projects for youth. He worked for Plast renewal in Transcarpathia.  Vasyl was a senior of Plast with a nickname “Mogikan”. Vasyl passed away June 4th 2012. 

Photos From Archives