Petro Havrylko was born on July 7, 1917 in Bushtyno village in Transcarpathia which at the time belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1930 he finished six years of public school. In 1933 he moved to Prosil in Czechoslovakia to study at the local school of painting upon receiving a recommendation of the Red Cross humanitarian mission. During his studies he was doing sports such as soccer and boxing. After graduation and successful completion of the exams in October 1937 he returned home. In 1938 he participated in the military trainings near Khust that were offered by the Galician soldiers. He was on duty at the governmental facility of Carpathian Ukraine in Khust in the end of 1938. In February 1939 Petro was mobilized to the Czechoslovak army. He served in Tatran mortar regiment #7 located in Nitra town. After the capitulation of Czechoslovak federation in March 1939 his regiment was dismissed and Petro returned home along with the other Ukrainians. During WWII he worked as a painter in his village. However in April 1944 he was once again mobilized to the army which this time was Hungarian and where he spent more than 9 months. In 1945 he was captivated by the Red Army and later after that in April he returned home. He worked in Bushtyn state farm in Bushtyn. Petro lives in his home village. 

Photos From Archives Petro Havrylko