Yevhen Gladyshevskyi was born on April 14th 1924 in Reklynets village, Zhovkva district in Galicia. Yevhen’s father Ivan was a school teacher and veteran of UGA. In 1933 family for the request of Polish government and escaping from repressions moved to West Poland where father continued to work as a teacher. However, they lived in Poland for a short period of time. Facing the risk to be dispelled from gymnasium for “Ukrainian nationalism” in the beginning of 1938, Yevhen was moved to Academic gymnasium in Lviv with the help of father’s friend “Andriy Pyasetskyi. In summer that year Yevgen took part in plast camp in Ostodir near Pidliute village where he participated in the trip to Czechoslovak-Polish border. The aim of that trip, as Yevgen got to know later, was to pass weapons and literature to Transcarpathia. During German occupation studied in Lviv Politechnic University. After WWII Yevgen entered Lviv University to become chemist. he dedicated all his life to science and Alma Mater. Nowadays, Yevgen Gladyshevskyi is Plast senior, Doctor of Science, professor of Ivan Franko Lviv National Univerity, director and one of the funfers of Lviv Scientific crystallochemical school “Crystallochemistry of intermettalic compounds, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine,  he was given a State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Yevgen passed away on August 6th 2012.

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