Anna Korobynets was born on May 12th 1925 in Verbyazh village, Volovets district in a poor peasant family. She studied at the village school. Anna remembers that in 1938 Magyar terrorists undermined the frontier point of the Czech garrison in their village and proclaimed Independent Carpathian Ukraine in March 1939. At the end of March she witnessed how Hungarian gendarmes led the prisoners to the passage and later executed them. She remembers that the imprisoned Sich members were already without belts and laces. The place of execution was near Anna’s house and she could  hear the shots at the mountains passages. Anna remembers that Sich members were executed mostly by “mazury” which was a name for Polish soldiers given to them by the local people. When the Hungarian government came, some people celebrated this occasion. The majority of these people were Hungarians, Jews and some Ukrainians who chose to be loyal to the new government to escape repressions. In one year local people organized a memorial service at the place of the execution of Sich-members and put up wooden crosses. In autumn 1939 many young Ukrainian boys fooled by the Soviet propaganda about “Happy life” in the USSR, escaped to Soviet Galicia trying to find a safe place from the Hungarian repressions. Many of them never returned to their home village because they were sent to Gulag camps. Those who survived were sent to the front lines of WWII fighting for the Czechoslovak army. In 2011 Anna helped the searchers find a place of the Sich members’ burial on Veretskyi passage. Anna lives in Verbyazh village.