Mykhailo Matola was born on September 17, 1922 in Lazy village, Volovets district. He remembers working as a deacon assistant in 1939, singing Psalms in homes of the deceased and overhearing the executions of imprisoned Sich members taking place in the village suburbs. He remembers very loud shouting mixed with sounds of gun shots. The Hungarian and Polish specialized divisions that carried out the execution threw bodies of executed Sich members to former WWI military bunker, so-called “caponier”. Later on, village residents, including Mykhailo, established a proper grave and put up a cross there. In the times of Independent Ukraine memories of Mykhailo and other village residents helped find a burial of Sich members. During Soviet times, graves were destroyed and that territory was planted with trees. Recently in 2011 the researchers from the Lviv organization called “Fate” found and exhumated the remains in the burial at Veretskyi passage. During the exhumation process seven bodies of Sich members that were executed in March 1939 were found. Among the terrible findings were bullets, shot through skulls, remains of clothing and shoes. The same year a Ceremonial burial took place to recognize these heroic members of Carpathian Ukraine. This is one of the numerous burials that still have not been found on Carpathian passages, where several hundreds of Ukrainians (mostly Galicians that were fighting for independence of Carpathian Ukraine) where executed in a way that broke all the laws.