Mykhailo was born on November 6th 1924 in Chynadiyevo village in the Carpathian Ruthenia. Mykhailo’s father was a founder of a local center of society “Prosvita”. Mykhailo actively participated in the community life, in particular at the “Prosvita” society. In February of 1939 he helped with spreading propaganda before the elections to Soim of Carpathian Ukraine which ended with the victory of “Ukrainian National Association” party supported by 97% of voters.  Being a 15 year-old boy he was able to observe a training process of Karpatska Sich division as his brother-in-law, Yosyp Drebytko, was in charge of it. During the times of Magyar occupation he became a member of OUN. In 1942 he was imprisoned in “Kovner” in Mukacheve and after severe interrogations he was sentenced along with 150 young Ukrainians.   In 1945 he was sentenced to be shot by the Soviet occupation authorities because of his OUN membership. Later on the punishment had been changed to 25 years of imprisonment and afterwards further reduced to 10 years. He was sent from Uzhgorod to Kazakhstan through Lviv transit prison №25. Mykhailo spent 10 years of remedial community service in Gulag. In 1955 he came back home where later he took was involved in the underground activities of Ukrainian National Front. In 1958 he   managed to enroll in the correspondence course offered by Lviv Forest Technical Institute from which he graduated as an engineer. Mykhailo worked at the wood processing factory in Chynadiyevo. Upon the proclamation of Ukrainian Independence he carried out an educational and cultural work. He belonged to the Mukachiv society of political prisoners and repressed people. Until the end of his life Mykhailo was an optimistic person, had a healthy lifestyle and believed in his ideals. He passed away on July 20th, 2011 and was buried in Chynadiyevo village.  

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