Bohdan Pryshliakevych was born on December 14, 1921 in Lviv in Ukrainian intelligentsia family. His father Petro was an engineer and mother Anna was an actress at  the Ukrainian theatre. In 1931 Bohdan went to “Ridna Shkola” named after Borys Grinchenko. Then, he studied in Ukrainian Academic gymnasium. In 1935 he became a member of Plast and was in the “Lisovi chorty” troop. At that time he took the oath of Youth OUN. In autumn of 1938 along with the group of young OUN members Bohdan illegally crossed Czechoslovak-Polish border. In March 1939 Bohdan was severely wounded during the fight against Magyars near Svaliava. Later after the treatment provided by the local community he secretly moved to Krakiv and shortly after to Germany where he took military training in divisions of Ukrainian Nationalists. On June 29, 1941 he came to Lviv as a ranker in the battalion “Rolland”. On June 30th he participated at the Act of renewal of Ukrainian Independence and was appointed deputy commandant of Lviv Ratusha. After dissolution of Ukrainian units he went in hiding and was referred by OUN to study in Podiebrady in Czechoslovakia. He had duties of propagandist of diplomatic communications and OUN propaganda department. While moving from Zakerzonnia to Ukraine in August 1947 Bogdan was arrested in Carpathians and taken to Moscow where he was sentenced to death panel. Later on the punishment was changed to 25 years of Gulag camps. In 1958 Bohdan received amnesty. After being released he came back to Lviv and started working in Lviv Polytechnic as an engineer-constructor. Today Bohdan Pryshliakevych is a Plast senior and a veteran of Ukrainian liberation struggle.  Bohdan passed away on September 20th 2012. 

Photos From Archives