Yuriy Slyvka was born on March 26th, 1930 in Nove Davydkovo village, Mukachiv district in the peasant family. His father Yuriy fought as part of Austro-Hungarian army in the WWI from Balkans to Galicia until he was captured near Vinnytsia. As a result of these events he learned various things about Ukrainians from the other side of Carpathians who served as part of Cisar and Tsar armies. When the events of Carpathian Ukraine took place in 1938, Yuriy was already in the second form of a public school. Nove Davydkovo village is situated on the border that divided the territory of Transcarpathia after the Vienna arbitration. Yuriy remembers that there were many frontier guards at that time. His two older brothers served in the Czecholslovak army. However, Yuriy was influenced by the members of Karpatska Sich the most. Concerts, performances and trainings of the Karpatska Sich division took place on the daily basis. Each day was like a holiday for children, but everything changed in a short period of time. The Magyar gendarmes started persecutions and repressions against Ukrainians. They used one of the houses as a cell for interrogations and people nearby could hear shouting which Yuriy Slyvka can still hear in his memory. In 6 months there was a Polish Cavalry Division troop that stopped to rest in their village. After USSR and Germany’s attack on Poland this Cavalry division was retreating in groups to Romania. There were also groups of Wehrmacht and Hungarian that were passing through the village as they moved to the East. In three years the same divisions were retreating the same way to the West. In the end of 1944 Soviet authorities came into play. After war Yuriy enrolled in Mukachiv cooperative technical college. From 1948 to 1953 he studied at the Uzhgorod University, in faculty of history. After his graduation he worked as a director at the village school. Soon he enrolled in Lviv Institute of Social Sciences where he worked as a postgraduate student with Professor Ivan Krypyakevych and later on he became a head of the department. Nowadays, Yuriy Slyvka is doctor of historical sciences, professor at Lviv State Finance Academy, head of the Social and Humanitarian disciplines department.