Varvara Vasylykha was born on February 28th, 1930 in Solotvyno village in the family of a plowman. In 1934 Varvara’s parents suddenly passed away and five children among whom Varvara was the youngest became orphans. During a certain amount of time children were under the relatives’ care. In 1937 Varvara who was neglected and had a weak health, was taken to a shelter of the Basilian Sisters in Uzhgorod. Later she was adopted by Fr. Augustyn Voloshyn and taken to his orphanage. Little Varvara held onto the kindest memories about her father Voloshyn and her time in this orphanage became her most enjoyable childhood memory. She received her first Holy Communion from him when she was eight. However this happiness did not last and on March 16th of 1939 Abgustyn Volohyn had to leave Khust and his children. Only in 1940 his children from orphanage were given a chance to write him letters to Prague and receive the replies. Varvara was in the orphanage that was managed by the Basilian Sisters until 1945. Then she finished the civil school and entered a pedagogical college along with her sworn sister Anastasiya Khalakhan. In 1948 she forced to enter Komsomol which was one of the conditions for getting a becoming a teacher. That year became memorable for her due to a lie that she told at the interview when she was asked whether she knew Avgustyn Voloshyn. She had to say “No” due to her fear of the potential complications. Nowadays she sees it as a betrayal of her father Avgustyn. Only in the beginning of the 50’s she accidentally learned that father Voloshyn was tortured in Lefortov prison in Moscow. In the postwar period Varvara was teaching in the Ust-Chorna village, and later in Tereblia. After that she moved to live and work in the Yarok village, Uzhgorod district where she worked as a teacher until her retirement. Varvara got married and raised children as well as grandchildren. Right now lives in Yarok village.

Photos From Archives